Design, characterization and modeling of a tunneling break-down photodiode integrated in a standard 0.5ƒÝm CMOS technology

Juan J. Ocampo Hidalgo, J. Alex Zenteno Hernández, Rosnely Cruz Cecilio, David Flores Montoya, Olaf E. Duran Nava, Armando Gómez Vieyra


A low-voltage tunneling-breakdown photodiode has been designed, fabricated and characterized. Tests have been done to find dark-current, break-down voltage, turn on voltage, series and shunt resistance as well as spectral response. An average breakdown voltage of 1.1V states the device suitable for low-voltage circuits. After characterization, a model aimed for simulation in Spice was developed.

Keywords: Photodetectors, Photodiodes, Solid state detectors.

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